the camera is a powerful medium. it can include or exclude as you wish. what do you see? what do you want to see? what do you want another to see? we understand from our experiences, from where we have come. behold - consider - discover. i believe every photographer wants to present a gift to the observer, a gift of something previously unseen, a gift of perspective, a gift of beauty. what i hope to offer you is a glimpse of that "something" in the world around us, a beauty that has the power to excite and the power to calm.

an appreciation for art has been a part of me since childhood. i revel in color and in the inspiration of our beautiful world. the colors beneath the surface of the seas are some of the most brilliant. it wasn't long after learning to dive that a camera was my ready companion. ever since, underwater photography has been a passion of mine. it's a totally different world down under the surface, foreign and inhospitable to human life, and yet so incredibly beautiful and fragile. i hope to share with all who will see the wonderful colors and patterns of our seas. to best show these colors and patterns, i generally use a macro lens and prefer lighting that offers the drama of rich color against inky blackness. though underwater photography is my favorite, i do also enjoy capturing floral images and landscapes and on the more commercial side, offer product and architectural detail photo shoots and relaxed portraiture of families and children in natural settings. depending on the situation, i shoot with both digital and film - 35mm and medium format.